Our company can engage in the following types of project works. All projects will be surveyed for analyzing the costs for the project , materials, professional feeds, workman requirements , additional insurances , additional machinery , safety equipment , tools required depending on the scope of work.

– Telecom Cabling
– Network Cabling
– Wireless Router / Access Points Installation
– Wireless Management for Dorm / Hostels / Schools / University / Offices
– Wi-Fi Setup for Logistics Warehouses
– Electrical Cabling (Subject to special skilled workers + Insurances)
– Re-Lay & Maintenance of Cable works
– CCTV Cabling
– CCTV Installation / New Setup for Home / Office / Large Buildings

– Lay the Network Cable for Building Indoor
– Painting
– Lay the telephone cable for Building Indoor
– Supply & setup the electrical cable installations for offices / indoor locations only.
– Pre-plan network cable setup for smart future buildings
– Provide field plan for new building network diagram planning
– Pre-planning setup for CCTV / Camera Setup & cabling

Since our company is BizSafe 3 Level, we adhere to strict safety practices & methods for the safety of our staff and will not engage in any form of work which compromises in the safety. Should you have any restrictions or disclosures to make for the safety aspects of your project, please do share in advance.